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Practicing Resilient Listening

Rabbi Joanna Samuels, The Wexner Foundation Blog

I recently had the privilege of helping lead an Encounter trip to Bethlehem, East Jerusalem and Ramallah. I came away with the strong belief that all communal leaders should participate in one of these trips.

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The Psychology Behind Morality

Krista Tippett in conversation with Jonathan Haidt,

“The surprising psychology behind morality is at the heart of social psychologist Jonathan Haidt’s research. “When it comes to moral judgments,” he says, “we think we are scientists discovering the truth, but actually we are lawyers arguing for positions we arrived at by other means.” He explains “liberal” and “conservative” not narrowly or necessarily as political affiliations, but as personality types — ways of moving through the world. His own self-described “conservative-hating, religion-hating, secular liberal instincts” have been challenged by his own studies.”