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Reporting to: Board of Directors
Location: New York, NY

We are seek­ing well-qual­i­fied candi­dates to apply for the posi­tion of Executive Director to lead and manage our inter­na­tion­ally recog­nized orga­ni­za­tion into the next stage of growth. With a $1 million oper­at­ing budget and 8 employ­ees on two conti­nents, the Executive Director will be our inter­nal and exter­nal spokesper­son, draw­ing a wide vari­ety of audi­ences to Encounter to advance our mission, visi­bil­ity, and resource gener­a­tion to sustain and expand the programs that have placed Encounter at the fore­front of efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and heal intra-Jewish strife.

Job Responsibilities

  • Strategic Visioning and Planning: In close collab­o­ra­tion with the Board, develop a compre­hen­sive strat­egy and ambi­tious plan to take Encounter to the next level of impact. The plan will inte­grate strate­gies and programs with staffing require­ments and a range of revenue streams.
  • Resource Development: Oversee, help develop, and execute a compre­hen­sive fundrais­ing plan that raises revenue from a range of sources, includ­ing foun­da­tions and major indi­vid­ual donors. Sustain a budget of nearly $1 million per year and grow it to $2 million over the next 2–3 years.
  • Networking and Diplomacy: Serve as Encounter’s lead public voice, repre­sent­ing Encounter in vari­ous func­tions includ­ing public events, confer­ences, and commu­nity meet­ings. Engage in strate­gic network­ing to expand Encounter’s orga­ni­za­tional part­ner­ships and alliances in Middle East and North American program­ming, includ­ing high-level lead­ers in the orga­nized American Jewish commu­nity, Palestinian West Bank, and Washington.
  • Governance: Work closely with the Board of Directors to develop a strat­egy for expand­ing the Board.
  • Management: Supervise Encounter’s finance, admin­is­tra­tion, commu­ni­ca­tions, and Middle East and North America program­matic direc­tors. Oversee and approve program devel­op­ment in Middle East and North America, budget devel­op­ment and finan­cial report­ing, expen­di­tures and invest­ments, inter­nal oper­a­tional poli­cies, and risk and liabil­ity issues. Manage, lead, and effec­tively commu­ni­cate with person­nel to enhance the qual­ity of their work and build the staff team, as well as be respon­si­ble for the hiring and termi­na­tion of employ­ees.


The ideal candi­date will possess outstand­ing lead­er­ship, commu­ni­ca­tion and inter­per­sonal skills, demon­strat­ing excep­tional abil­ity to be a persua­sive and vision­ary public advo­cate for Encounter’s mission, vision, and key program activ­i­ties.

While no one person will embody all of the qual­i­ties enumer­ated below, the ideal candi­date will possess many of the follow­ing profes­sional and personal char­ac­ter­is­tics:

Professional Experience:

  • Passionate commit­ment to Encounter’s ground-break­ing work, foster­ing conver­sa­tion and heal­ing between Jews and Palestinians as well as among Jews from diverse reli­gious and polit­i­cal back­grounds;
  • Nuanced under­stand­ing of American Jewish, Palestinian, and Israeli commu­ni­ties, and demon­strated rela­tion­ship-build­ing with multi­ple parties to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Experience work­ing with the follow­ing constituen­cies strongly preferred: main­stream American Jewish insti­tu­tions, Orthodox and reli­gious Jewish commu­ni­ties, Palestinian and Israeli commu­ni­ties, and elected offi­cials;
  • Spiritual and/or Rabbinic lead­er­ship embody­ing Encounter’s core values of compas­sion, listen­ing, wisdom and open­ness;
  • Exceptional oral presen­ta­tion, writ­ten commu­ni­ca­tion, and network­ing skills, as well as superb listen­ing. Demonstrated abil­ity to artic­u­late a vision and inspire others to share in that vision and work together to achieve it. Ability to speak in compelling ways to diverse audi­ences across view­points and back­grounds;
  • Proven track record in lead­er­ship posi­tions in the non-profit envi­ron­ment, includ­ing success­ful fundrais­ing expe­ri­ence with major donors, expe­ri­ence work­ing closely with a board, knowl­edge of best prac­tices in manage­ment and admin­is­tra­tion, and abil­ity to create and execute a compre­hen­sive busi­ness plan, public rela­tions strat­egy and infra­struc­ture;
  • Experience as an accom­plished manager with a collab­o­ra­tive style and record of recruit­ing and devel­op­ing talented staff. Demonstrated abil­ity to direct both program creation and admin­is­tra­tion and over­see the achieve­ment of high stan­dards of orga­ni­za­tional perfor­mance in the face of limited resources and enor­mous demand for programs;
  • Successful lead­er­ship expe­ri­ence with a mezza­nine or start-up orga­ni­za­tion;
  • Preferred record of accom­plish­ment as a thinker and prac­ti­tioner in the field of Jewish-Palestinian peace-build­ing, with a repu­ta­tion for think­ing creatively yet prac­ti­cally about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how to resolve it.

Personal Characteristics:

  • A coura­geous leader with vision and a great deal of savvy, who can cross borders and navi­gate complex rela­tion­ships, and who focuses on outcomes and results;
  • A person with public pres­ence and an abil­ity to oper­ate in the spot­light with­out insist­ing on it, remain­ing at all times a team player;
  • An ambi­tious moti­va­tor who shares a strong sense of mission, values, and inno­va­tion, and fosters effec­tive commu­ni­ca­tion among people at all levels;
  • A calm persona able to commu­ni­cate effec­tively and disarm­ingly in the face of conflict and chal­lenge;
  • A lively creative intel­lect with outstand­ing judg­ment, imag­i­na­tion, and flex­i­bil­ity;
  • Detail-oriented and highly orga­nized along with vision­ary abil­ity to impact the big picture;
  • Integrity, resilience, and infec­tious enthu­si­asm.

Salary and Benefits

Salary commen­su­rate with expe­ri­ence. Position is full time; some evenings, week­ends, domes­tic and inter­na­tional travel required. Executive Director will be expected to travel to Israel 1–2 times per year, and travel domes­ti­cally at least once every two months. Generous bene­fits pack­age.


This posi­tion shall be held open until filled. Qualified appli­cants should submit a resume and cover letter to executivesearch@​encounterprograms.​org.

Cover letter should include:

  • Why your profes­sional expe­ri­ence partic­u­larly suits you to take Encounter’s impact to the next stage; and
  • If you do not have direct expe­ri­ence with Palestinian commu­ni­ties in the West Bank or the orga­nized American Jewish commu­nity, please describe how your other profes­sional expe­ri­ences would be rele­vant to build­ing strong rela­tion­ships with these commu­ni­ties.


Our Mission

Encounter is an edu­ca­tional orga­ni­za­tion dedi­cated to strength­ening the capacity of the Jewish people to be construc­tive agents of change in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Moti­vated by the relent­less Jew­ish pur­suit of hokhma (wis­dom) and binah (under­stand­ing), Encounter cul­ti­vates informed Jew­ish lead­er­ship on the Israeli-Palestinian con­flict by bring­ing...

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