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Encounter’s well-conceived and sensitively-crafted program to promote listening and aware­ness will inform my life forever.”

– Eleanor, Jewish Funder’s Network member
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Encounter staff are experts in the field of conflict trans­for­ma­tion, partic­u­larly between Jews and Palestinians, facil­i­tating conver­sa­tions across polit­ical and reli­gious divides. Encounter has also piloted resources enabling educa­tors to thought­fully address hard topics in Israel educa­tion for varying Jewish educa­tional institutions. 

Our staff are avail­able to speak at confer­ences, work­shops and other community-wide events and to facil­i­tate discus­sions for commu­nity insti­tu­tions espe­cially those wrestling with how to approach the topic of Israel and the conflict. 

We thank you for your interest!

Encounter Presentation menu

Here is a small sample of the topics that we are prepared to speak on in your commu­nity, syna­gogue, confer­ence or university:

  1. Restoring Humanity, Transcending Polarities between Jews and Palestinians
  2. Young Jews and Israel: A New Vision for Meaningful Engagement
  3. Can We Talk? Dialogue about Israel Within and Between Communities
  4. Jewish War Ethics in the Face of Terror

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To request an Encounter speaker for your event, please contact Heidi Rosbe.

Click here for a list of orga­ni­za­tions who have hosted us.

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Our Mission

Encounter is an edu­ca­tional orga­ni­za­tion dedi­cated to strength­ening the capacity of the Jewish people to be construc­tive agents of change in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Moti­vated by the relent­less Jew­ish pur­suit of hokhma (wis­dom) and binah (under­stand­ing), Encounter cul­ti­vates informed Jew­ish lead­er­ship on the Israeli-Palestinian con­flict by bring­ing…

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