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To post to this list-serve, send an email to encounter-alumni(at)googlegroups(dot)com.

Three Guiding Requests

Help us preserve and expand Encounter’s values and culture of commu­ni­ca­tion by observ­ing the follow­ing guide­lines.

  1. Uphold Encounter’s Values: Especially Kavod (Respect, Dignity & Integrity). The discus­sions within this group are meant to broaden and deepen our commu­nal conver­sa­tion. We want to create a rigor­ous but non-combat­ive online space. And we encour­age you to ask ques­tions, espe­cially when you read some­thing you disagree with, and ask that you craft measured responses that mirror Encounter’s model of genuine inquiry.
  2. Confidentiality: Help us preserve this group as a safe space where authen­tic conver­sa­tion can happen.  All commu­ni­ca­tion and exchanges sent through this group are strictly confi­den­tial. Never forward an email with­out explicit permis­sion from its author.
  3. Be Intentional: We all suffer from infor­ma­tion over­load; lets create a space for inten­tional and high-level exchange.
    • Only send post­ings rele­vant to this specific commu­nity of Encounter Alumni.
    • Share why you are post­ing an arti­cle- what ques­tions you have about it and why you think it is impor­tant for, or inter­est­ing to, this partic­u­lar group.
    • Be mind­ful of our Communication Guidelines.  When you disagree with some­one, consider first asking ques­tions of the poster to clar­ify his/her posi­tions and remem­ber the value of curios­ity.

Encounter’s Staff Role:

Encounter will convene this list-serve and lightly moder­ate. List members will be given a private friendly reminder if their posts reflect a devi­a­tion from the above guide­lines. While entirely unlikely, repeat offenses may lead to Encounter termi­nat­ing said partic­i­pants’ member­ship. Occasionally we will re-circu­late these guide­lines for use — to remind our expand­ing network of our core values and ensure we uphold an Encounter culture on this list-serve.

THANK YOU in advance — for help­ing us to create, preserve and uphold a model of commu­nity discourse based on our deep­est values. We hope each of you will take this model forward.

The Encounter Team

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