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Custom Programs

We appreciate your interest in making an Encounter experience part of your trip to Israel.

Encounter’s core focus is on immersive programs for high-level Jewish communal leaders. In addition, we offer a number of custom experiences each year dependent on capacity given our scheduled core programs.

Group Programs

Group programs for high-level Jewish lay and profes­sional leaders generally serve as one- or two-day add-on experiential components for an existing Israel mission or delegation visiting the region. Availability is dependent on capacity given our scheduled core programs.

Encounter can partner with your Federation, JCRC, or other Jewish communal orga­ni­za­tion to create a program which will engage participants in the complex­i­ties of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, through first-hand encoun­ters with Palestinian communal leaders, grassroots activists, and other influential individuals, and offer opportunities for facilitated conversation and reflection with other Jewish participants. Preference is given to programs led by Encounter’s past-participants.

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It's a powerful and necessary experience. Lindsey B. Mintz Executive Director, Indianapolis JCRC
Encounter's value is being one of a kind in creating a thoughtful, safe space [and a] responsible and diverse cohort of inspiring colleagues who can support each other in engaging the conflict in our communities. It offers Jewish leaders access to the voices we want to be talking to and with and about from the other side of the messiest, most personal global conflict we are in some way all a part of. It softens our ears and hearts even while dogmatically resisting specific political solutions or pat answers. Rabbi Steven Exler Senior Rabbi, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale
I didn't learn any substantial new facts or yet-unknown perspectives about the conflict. But I was pressed to confront the urgency of... and the untenability of my own blind spots. Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky Rabbi, Ansche Chesed
Being in some of the actual places most impacted by the conflict with one's actual body, feelings and self along with a cohort of incredibly thoughtful, passionate Jews who know a lot about the conflict and care deeply about Jews, Israel and the conflict itself, allows for an encounter with living history deeper than any panel, essay, sermon, or organizing session ever could. David S. Koffman Assistant Professor of History, Israel & Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies, York University
Jewish communal leaders simply must recognize the need for us (right now!) to listen and learn, honor and engage, struggle and sit with all of these issues, narratives, experiences...for our sake collectively as a Jewish people, and specifically as American Jews. Lindsey B. Mintz Executive Director, Indianapolis JCRC